Among the loveliest and most romantic spots on earth, villas and gardens around Bellagio on lake Como have been for centuries the finest summer retreat of the wealthy, aristocratic and intellectual in all Europe and the world. The villas and gardens of Bellagio are an exceptional testimony of aristocratic leisure in the nineteenth century and of the a hive of activity where Italy’s best landscape architects displayed their talents.
Villa Serbelloni was built in the 15th century and its huge parks rises up on the higher part of the Bellagio promontory containing over 18 kilometers of paths and avenues which allow the visitor to admire the enormous collection of rare and exotic plants growing in the gardens, and a wonderful scenario on all Bellagio village surrounded by the two branches of the lake. Villa Serbelloni is so magical that artists are often hosted for finding their right inspiration. Villa Melzi stands on the lakeshore. It was built between 1808 and 1813. The Garden of Villa Melzi was made in the French style but fosters numerous tropical plants and ancient columns that give it an exotic touch. This might have been what seduced famous Napoleon when he stayed in the Villa.


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