Where is Bellagio

Bellagio stands in the exact center of famous Lake Como, a lake located in the north part of Italy, close to the border with Switzerland.
Bellagio is 80 km from Milan, around 1 hour and half drive by car or coach. The province administrative center, Como, is 30 km away. Bellagio is easily reachable from Como by ferry or by car/coach in 45 minutes. From Bellagio, it is easy to reach any point of the lake by ferry in a very short time.
Bellagio is also near to other important cities of North Italy, such as Bergamo, Lecco and Varese; it is close to the Switzerland border: Chiasso, Mendrisio and St. Moritz are within one/two hour drive.
At one hour drive from Bellagio, there is a connection with one of Italian main highways, from where you can get to any part of Italy.


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